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If you’re looking to protect your assets and finances with personal umbrella insurance, look no further than Design Insurance, Inc. We are Fort Lauderdale’s top choice insurance broker, and we provide a complete range of umbrella insurance policies designed to maximize your coverage without costing a fortune. We let you shop the most competitive deals on the market, all while giving you the professional guidance you need to make an informed purchase. Friendly, dependable, and knowledgeable, our team is at your service.

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Why Choose Personal Umbrella Insurance?

There are many reasons to invest in umbrella insurance in addition to the coverage you already have. Individuals may want to invest in umbrella insurance if:

  • They feel at higher risk for liability lawsuits
  • They own high-value assets
  • They participate in high-risk work or recreational activities

Whatever the case, our team of specialists are here to listen to your concerns and provide affordable insurance solutions to protect your current and future assets. We’ve helped numerous other clients find security and peace of mind. We’re confident we can do the same for you.

Understanding Your Needs for Umbrella Insurance

We provide personalized solutions for all your insurance needs. To do so, we use a comprehensive consultative process, which gives us a chance to learn about you, your circumstances, and your risk portfolio.

If you are considering umbrella insurance, it may be a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the value of my current assets?
  • What is my potential future income?
  • What risks do I face now and may face in the future?
  • How might those risks impact the insurance I need?

We can discuss your answers in your first consultation. From there, we can recommend a suite of insurance options tailored to suit your needs, wants, and budget. We strive to offer flexible policies that remain affordable for you and your loved ones. To take advantage, be sure to contact us today.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Protection

Umbrella insurance is often called extra liability insurance. It adds another level of financial security to the insurance policies you already have.

A personal umbrella insurance policy may:

  • Act as a security measure for your savings
  • Provide extra protection for your property and other assets
  • Help pay for damages you are liable for
  • Help pay for costs associated with litigation for people who engage in public roles or potentially dangerous activities
  • Protect your future earnings against income loss
  • Provide defense costs for legal counsel
  • Provide coverage not included in any base insurance policy you have

To learn more about what an umbrella insurance policy can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We’re here to help.

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